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Things are Looking Up! What to Photograph When you Have no Time

Feb 22, 2022

Not too long ago, a beautiful bout of snow and hoar frost blanketed the trees in the ravine close to my home. As often is the case with this weather condition, it was cold. Those sub -20 Celcius degrees temperatures aren't all that conducive to hours of outdoor camera play, but the atmospheric conditions can be gorgeous and perfect for a landscape image or two. 

On the day in reference, in addition to the cold, I was short on time. I know you can relate. The responsibilities of life pull you in many different directions, but photography feeds your soul, right? It can be hard to balance your interest in photography and obligations, especially when nature puts on a pretty show and you're short on time to enjoy the beauty you know will be short-lived. 

ISO 200, 140mm, f8, 1/160ss

But the good news here is that it is entirely possible to take a pretty image when you're short on time. Beauty exists everywhere in nature, and sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to capture something profoundly beautiful and feed your passion for photography. 


ISO 200, 170mm, f6.3, 1/100ss

Have you tried turning your camera towards the sky? Ever noticed the beauty above your head? I love a good wide-angle landscape scene as much as the next photographer. However, I want you to think outside the box from time to time, especially when those wide expansive scenes aren't sprawled before your eyes.

Don't forget to look up. The view can be beautiful, and best of all, you can capture it in your backyard and when you're short on time. Beauty is available to you even if you only have a few short minutes to capture a couple of images before your life responsibilities call you away from your love of photography. So don't miss out when nature puts on a show. You can enjoy photography even when there's a limit put on your time.  


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