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I'm Gina Yeo.
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Everyone has a unique photography journey. No matter where you are on that journey, the correct techniques and approaches will help you take the kinds of images you want a lot faster than trying to struggle through learning landscape photography on your own. I cannot wait to show you what's possible.


I'm Gina Yeo

I've had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl. As a child, my family would spend summers camping in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. My father's passion was chasing and photographing Canadian Pacific Railway trains through the mountains. I remember my sisters and I trailing behind our father as he rushed off into the forest. We'd follow, always with our own little film cameras in hand. I'd capture the everyday moments that were important to me, along with treasured images of the forest and animals we met along the way. My photographs also held smiling pictures of my parents and sisters, silly moments with friends and treasured memories with my beloved dog, a sheltie named Cindy. I can still recall the joy I felt when I'd pick up a freshly printed roll of film. I'd ever so carefully store each print beneath the transparent pages of a favourite sticky album back at home. My love of photography has undoubtedly been passed down to me from my father. 

I put down my film camera during my late adolescent years and picked up a small point and shoot. Vacations, friendships and milestones were all documented on that little point and shoot through my University years.

Later, I got married, and a few years after that, I became a mother. It was then that absolutely everything changed. I remember staring at my precious three-month-old daughter, almost in a panic as I realized how quickly she was changing. Yes, I'd taken snapshots of her since birth, but I craved the beautiful kinds of images that I observed on professional photographers' websites. I hired a local photographer who captured gorgeous portraits of my baby daughter. I framed those images that tugged at my heartstrings, and for a moment, I was content. But as my precious baby grew, so did my desire to capture every single moment of her life, except snapshots, were now no longer enough. I craved the artistic beauty that I saw in the images on my wall.

The day I placed my hands on a brand new DSLR was certainly the point of no return. I picked up that camera, and it felt wonderful. At that moment, a spark ignited inside my soul, and I haven't looked back. Photography became and is my passion. A passion that has not only helped me preserve the beautiful growing moments of my three precious children but one that has me adventuring out into the mountains of my childhood regularly, my beloved Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

To date, I spend as much time as I can be immersed in the mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies and call the beloved Kananaskis range home most summers. Being surrounded by the Rockies is my euphoria. There's truly no other place in the world I'd rather be. Landscape photography has combined my passion for photography with my love of the mountains in a perfect way.

I also have a passion for teaching photographers. To date, I've had the pleasure of mentoring and teaching thousands of photographers within the photography community. I've watched many grow into the photographer they had wanted to become.

Photography and teaching bring me enormous joy, and it's an honour to share my knowledge with you.

I know you're ready to learn, and that's why you're here. Thank you for allowing me to mentor and teach you as you grow into the photographer you are meant to be. 



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