Introducing The Art in Landscape Photography Workshop Series


Learn correct step-by-step approaches to successful landscape photography. 

These Workshops are Built From the 4-Pillars of Successful Landscape Photography and will Teach You the Proven Frameworks for Taking Landscape Photos with Confidence and Ease.

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You want to take good photos of your memories in nature, but:

  • Your photos rarely or never look like what you experienced when you took the picture. Sometimes, your images are really bright, and other times, they are too dark.
  • You fumble with your camera settings and are not really sure¬†how to consistently take a good photo,¬†or you dial in an automatic mode and let your camera choose the outcome of your photo.¬†
  • You feel like you're never quite prepared and wonder what equipment and photography gear are really necessary for landscape photography.
  • You feel like you're always arriving at a location at the wrong time and missing the best moments.¬†
  • You wonder what you're doing wrong?
  • You've thought, "There must be some secret to taking a great photo."
  • You feel like your photos are missing that something special you see in other pictures on your social media pages.
  • You've considered leaving behind your camera and opting for your smartphone, or worse...maybe you have already abandoned your camera, which is¬†sitting on a¬†shelf collecting dust.
  • You wish someone would give you clear directions on how to take a great photo so you can enjoy yourself in nature (when your busy schedule allows) and feel proud of the memories you capture.
  • You¬†hear other photographers talk about good composition but don't really understand what all the fuss is about. Rule of Thirds...that's it, right?
  • You're not quite sure how to finalize your images in post-processing, so instead, you move around a few sliders in your post-processing program and cross your fingers, hoping your image will turn out okay.

Hey, Photographer, guess what?

I know exactly what it's like to want to take scroll-stopping images only to end up feeling disappointed with the photos you took. I also understand the utter frustration of trying to "fix" those images when sitting down and trying to edit in post-processing.

My entire life, I've lived within an hour's drive of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, so when I started taking photos of those beautiful settings, I thought I'd click out jaw-dropping stunner after stunner. 

You see, when I turned my camera towards landscapes, I was a published, award-winning, and internationally recognized portrait photographer. So, I had some skills when it came to using my camera. I one hundred percent thought I'd rock it out there in nature...after all, I had world-class mountain ranges on the other side of my lens; how could I possibly fail?

So when I arrived at a location, I ran into that setting, set up my camera, and held down my shutter, taking image after image after image. They were going to be great, each and every one of them. 

Well, that's not at all what happened...

I still shudder when I think about that "womp, womp" feeling I'd experience when I uploaded my images into my post-processing program. I'd then stare at my computer screen, disappointed, and wonder what went wrong.

It wasn't until I discovered that landscape photography can be broken down into 4-Pillars AND that each of these Pillars is vital to successful landscape photography that I started to create the kinds of images I craved consistently.

Then, when I started teaching the 4-Pillars Method to my photography students, I saw eyes light up with joy because they finally had a repeatable, step-by-step approach to creating the kinds of landscape images they could only previously dream about.

Like With My Previous Students, I Want To Help You Change Your Current Experience With Landscape Photography...And Get You Taking (AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE) Great Landscape Photos That Fill You With Joy and Pride.

When you choose to learn with me, you'll discover:

>> The four essential pillars (or topics for learning) that must be incorporated into your approach to landscape photography. Successful landscape photography is like building a puzzle. You need all the pieces of that puzzle to create the final image.

>> The correct knowledge and techniques that will help you stop fumbling with and second-guessing your approach to landscape photography. It's not only practice that will get you the results you want. Rather, you MUST practice the correct approaches in the right order.

>> You can start learning how to take better landscape photos regardless of your previous skills and experience and your photography goals. You deserve to enjoy your time in nature, take photos of your moments while enjoying the experience, and come away with images that fill you with joy and pride regardless of whether you're a hobbyist, part-time or full-time photographer.

Discover The 4-Pillars Framework To Successful Landscape Photography

Pillar 1 - The Fundamentals

This pillar is vital to the success of a landscape photographer. Here, you'll learn how to effectively prepare and plan for landscape photography. 

You wouldn't go on a trip without preparing, would you? Packing a winter parka for a beach vacation isn't going to serve you well. 

In landscape photography, you must know what gear and equipment you need to create certain images. It's also important to understand how to use certain APPs and resources to set yourself up for success.

Introduction to The Art in Landscape Photography Workshop teaches you The Fundamentals.

Pillar 2 - The Foundations

You must learn how to use your camera correctly if you want to take those great photos you crave. 

No, your camera manual isn't going to help you much here because your manual doesn't have a section on, "Specific settings for landscape photography that actually work."

Inside my workshops, I teach you the best camera settings for daylight, creative and nighttime landscape photography, including my highly effective Two-Step Exposure Method and a ton of additional repeatable step-by-step formulas that set you up for success. No more second-guessing yourself. 

Introduction to The Art in Landscape Photography Workshop teaches you Daylight Technique. 

The Art in Creative Landscape Photography Workshop teaches you Creative Techniques.

The Art Landscape Photography: Underneath the Night Sky Workshop teaches you Nighttime technique.

Pillar 3 - Composition

The power of great composition will take your photos from "Meh" to "jaw-dropping WOW!" 

This Pillar covers the important topic of effectively using composition in storytelling to create visually impactful photos.

Once you discover the power of strong composition, it'll be like sprinkling magic sauce onto your photos! Watch your images come to life and take on that WOW factor you've longed for.

The Art in Composition Workshop covers how you can infuse strong compositional theories and approaches into your landscape photography.

Pillar 4 - Post-Processing

Have you ever taken a perfectly exposed RAW landscape image and seen what it looks like? Either your camera, a post-processing program, or YOU must edit your photos. So why not make that YOU! I think it's time you infuse your vision into your photos and create images that reflect who you are.

The Art in Landscape Photography: Post-Processing for the Landscape Photographer will teach you an effective and repeatable workflow approach to landscape photography so you no longer have to trepidly move sliders guessing if what you're doing is right.

Here are those highly effective workshops:


Your solution to moving from the fumbling, frustrated, and disappointed photographer to the confident, creative, smiling photographer.

Start learning with the first workshop, or choose one that matches your current skill level and photography goals.

Workshop 1: Introduction to the Art in Landscape Photography

Want a strong foundation for your landscape photography? This workshop will give you that.

  • Discover the fundamentals of landscape photography, including how to prepare for and plan for landscape photography.
  • Develop the necessary approaches and skills to take daylight landscape photos confidently and quickly when you learn the correct and repeatable steps to high-quality images. This includes how to set up your camera with ideal landscape photography settings.¬†¬†
  • Learn my highly effective Two-Step Exposure Method and leave behind poorly exposed images or too many bracketed exposures that clutter up your hard drive and make editing your photos confusing.¬†
  • Learn important post-processing techniques that accompany the methods taught in this workshop, like exposure blending and focus stacking.¬†

 [Best for the beginner to intermediate photographer who has yet to master correct landscape approaches like preparing, planning, correct exposure and perfect focus.]


Workshop 2: The Art in Creative Landscape Photography

  • Discover creative approaches to landscape photography and elevate¬†your artistic intentions.
  • Explore topics like the creative use of light, long exposure, intentional camera movement, focal length, perspective and time blending, panorama landscape photography, timelapse photography, macro landscape photography and more.
  • Learn important post-processing approaches necessary to finalize the creative approaches taught in this workshop, like time, focal length and perspective blending.¬†¬†

[Best for any level photographer who seeks the infusion of creativity into their photos.]


Workshop 3: The Art in Landscape Photography: Underneath the Night Sky

  • Discover the vital steps of proper preparation and planning for nighttime landscape photography.¬†
  • Explore the foundational techniques to high quality, in focus and technically correct landscape photos underneath the night sky.
  • Learn the vital steps to successfully post-processing images taken at night.¬†

 [Best for any level photographer who wants to take captivating images of the night sky.]


Workshop 4: The Art in Composition

  • Discover the power of great composition and its impact on the visual outcome of your photos.
  • Learn¬†how to tell stories with elements in your landscape setting to create visually¬†attractive photos.
  • Learn how you can use composition elements with intention to enhance the overall visual flow and aesthetics of your photos.¬†¬†

[Best for any level photographer who wants to infuse something special into their photos and move away from a basic snapshot towards a work of art.]


Workshop 5: The Art in Landscape Photography: Post-Processing for the Landscape Photographer

  • Discover the incredible power of post-processing your photos with intent.
  • Learn an impactful workflow process that will help you confidently finalize your photos.
  • Explore creative options that fit your vision for the outcome of your photos.

[Best for any level photographer who wants to establish a repeatable workflow which allows room for creativity in producing finalized works of art.]


Unsure which workshop is right for you?

I teach a specific step-by-step approach to landscape photography. 

I've structured learning to build upon previously taught concepts so that you never miss an important step on the pathway to successful landscape photography. No more learning in "bits and pieces" trying to assemble a puzzle in which you don't have all the pieces. 

So, I often recommend you start with my first workshop and work your way through the learning opportunities. However, I do recognize that photographers come to learn from me with different levels of knowledge and application of that skill. Therefore, my workshops have been structured into specific topics of learning that I've found are most useful to my students. If you are unsure where you should start learning with me, then click the video link below.

Watch My FREE Discovery Workshop!

  • This workshop will help you discover¬†the common mistakes that prevent photographers from creating the¬†images they want. You'll get really clear on what's holding you back and what you need to stop doing.¬†
  • Then, you'll discover exactly what you need to do to take the kinds of photos you want as quickly as possible.¬†¬†
  • Finally, you'll get really clear where you need to focus your learning so that you can take successful landscape photos confidently, filling¬†you with pride and joy!

Here Are Those Workshop Details Again...

Introduction to The Art in Landscape Photography

This workshop is best for the beginner to intermediate landscape photographer who wants to learn how to: 

>> Prepare and plan for successful landscape photography

>> Get correct exposure in all your landscape photos

>> Master focus in a landscape setting

>>Feel confident about different types of landscape photography lighting


The Art in Creative Landscape Photography

This workshop is best for the photographer who wants to infuse creativity into thier landscape photos and wants to:

>> Discover the many creative approaches to landscape photography

>> Infuse creativity into your photos

>> Learn effective techniques for infusing your vision into your photos


The Art in Landscape Photography: Underneath the Night Sky

This workshop is perfect for photographers who wish to take captivating images underneath starry night skies and learn how to:

>> Prepare and plan for successful landscape photography at night

>> Learn how to take high-quality and beautifully exposed images at night

>> Learn effective techniques specific to only night landscape photography


The Art in Composition

This workshop is perfect for photographers who wish to take images full of visual impact and want to:

>> Discover the power of storytelling in landscape photography

>> How to effectively arrange visual elements in a photo for the most impact

>> Learn the many different compositional approaches and frameworks and how they can be used to create highly attractive images


The Art in Landscape Photography: Post-Processing for the Landscape Photographer

This workshop is perfect for photographers who want to edit their images with confidence while infusing their final vision into their art and learn:

>> A highly effective step-by-step workflow that will guide you through editing your images with confidence

>> A repeatable framework for post-processing 

>> Basic, advanced and creative approaches to post-processing