Sunrays with Luminar Neo

Jun 20, 2023

Most of you already know that I enjoy the process of post-processing my landscape photos into my final vision. Post-processing is a cathartic experience for me and allows me to infuse my creativity and experiences in nature into my finished photos.

I've recently acquired Luminar Neo, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the editing and creative tools inside this program. Today, I want to share with you how I enhanced the sunrays in this straight-out-of-camera photo: 

ISO 100, 17.5, f14, 1/13 sec

To this final edit: 

You'll notice I also infused some fireflies. Although I didn't see them at this moment, later in the evening, my friend and I discovered them not far from this barn, and I wanted to take a little creative freedom so I could remember the experience when I look back on this image in the future.

Watch the editing video above and see what Luminar Neo can do for you in your creative post-processing workflow.


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