Luminar Neo and Post Processing

Is AI powered post-processing a "yeah" or a "nay"?

Jun 07, 2023

Conversations about AI are popping up everywhere, including in the photography world. Before discussing AI and landscape photography, I better define the concept because I've noticed that when AI is mentioned, there can be strong reactions. There's no need to be fearful of what I'm about to talk about! AI is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be defined as the algorithmic reproduction of human intelligence, processes or tasks by machines.

AI in landscape photography post-processing uses computer algorithms to assist in developing or post-processing a photo. AI software analyses information and helps a photographer bring their vision for an image to life easier and faster than if you were to complete specific tasks through traditional approaches manually. 

Now I will wager a bet that you already benefit from AI in many areas of your life. Take Google Maps as a simple example. I appreciate directions to a location I need to get to and when the maps app identifies my fastest route. Sure, I need to drive my vehicle, but using the support of AI technologies, I can get to my destination quicker and easier with this type of assistance.

Allow me to introduce you to Luminar Neo. Luminar Neo is developed by Skylum, a company that makes world-renowned photo editing software that helps elevate photos by" allowing photographers to bring their creative ideas to life." Just like Google Maps can make getting to the destination faster and easier, so can Luminar Neo make your photo editing process faster and easier with you still in control of the final outcome of your images. 

When I was given the opportunity to incorporate Luminar Neo into my workflow, I was very curious to see if Luminar Neo lived up to its hype of automating complicated multi-step tasks with the click of a mouse. I'm a picky customer, and I like complete control (not sure what that says about me) over the outcome of my images! 

But I gave it a go and infused Luminar Neo into my editing workflow, testing it on many different images in many different lighting situations. The results? I'm impressed. Really impressed.  

I quickly discovered that the AI-powered Luminar Neo isn't going to create something that's not a reflection of the photographer's vision for the outcome of their photo. You are still the creator and in complete control of creative edits. However, Luminar Neo offers unique and highly effective AI tools to streamline your editing process and help make complicated editing tasks faster and easier. You can click out more high-quality, beautiful images quicker and more effectively with less frustration and fewer post-processing mistakes. That certainly sounds good to me!

So the question isn't, "Is AI a yeah or a nay?" Instead, you should ask yourself how you can use Luminar Neo to infuse your vision into a photo more effectively and efficiently.  

One of the things that I love about Luminar Neo is that beginners can use it through advanced photographers. The application can be used as standalone editing software or as a Plug into your Lightroom and Photoshop Software. I'm currently using Lumiar Neo as a plugin inside my Photoshop workflow. 

Over the summer, I'm going to highlight some of my favourite features inside Luminar Neo, like Focus Stacking, HDR Merge, Magic Light, Noiseless AI extensions, and powerful editing tools that can separate individual parts of your images so you can expertly apply your vision to all of your photos. I'm excited to show you the power of Luminar Neo so you can consider how to use it to create your images. So watch for this exciting series in the coming months! 

But before you go...if you're interested in getting your editing hands on Luminar NEO, now is the time! Luminar Neo is up to 50% off right now but only for a limited time! CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Discover what all the hype is about! I think you'll be impressed as I was! 

*Financial Disclosure: I receive a small affiliate fee and would appreciate you using my affiliate link. Please know that I only recommend products I use and feel would benefit my photography community.*

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