Four Misconceptions I Hear About Landscape Photography

May 24, 2022

There are many different reasons a photographer picks up a camera. For some, photography is a source of income and a career. For others, photography is an opportunity to feel creative. Yet, at the same time, many pursue photography for pure enjoyment. 

When I'm in nature, I find myself filled with a sense of connection as I stand in awe at the beauty of this world. The ability to capture and preserve my moments in nature and look back on and recall those moments through the images I captured brings me incredible joy and peace. 

You, too, can feel the joy that nature can bring to life. On occasion, though, I come across misconceptions that can keep a photographer back from pursuing the fun that can be found in photography. So today, let's bust through a few of those misconceptions. You deserve to embrace photography and capture images that preserve your memories of your time in nature and that you're proud to show off. 

 1. You need a specific type of camera

Nope. Not true. 

Only own a smartphone? No problem.

Have a point and shoot, you favour? Then use that.

Use a crop sensor camera? That'll work great.

Have you already advanced to a full-frame camera? Perfect. 

Do not let the camera you own limit you in your photography journey. You can capture a beautiful landscape image with the camera you already own. 

There are disadvantages and advantages to every camera choice available out there on the market, so you might as well use the camera you have.

By picking up the camera you already own, you'll propel yourself forward on this never-ending photography learning journey and the rewards you'll gain when you immerse yourself in the beauty within nature. 

I use a Nikon D810 and Nikon z 7ii to capture my landscape images, but I first started capturing landscape images with a simple Canon Point and Shoot and then a Nikon D80 Crop Sensor. 

2. You need a specific lens

Landscape photos can be captured with any focal length and any lens. However, in many cases, landscape photographers prefer wider angle focal lengths such as 10-20 mm, 11-22 mm, 14-24 mm, 16-35 mm, 16-55 mm, and 18-35 mm, for example. Wider angles allow the photographer to capture the vast expanse of a landscape scene while including the main subject and supporting elements within a photo. 

However, beautiful landscape photos can be captured at any focal length. In fact, I always recommend carrying a range of focal lengths for variety in a single landscape setting. 

ISO 40, 16mm, f16, 1/5 sec

3. Photography is expensive

Ahh, okay, I'll admit that photography CAN definitely be expensive. The "lastest and greatest" is often costly. However, you can capture amazing landscape photos on rented or used gear. 

Renting photography gear is an inexpensive way to discover if a piece of equipment will fit into your style of photography. Also, many landscape photographers don't take images daily and instead focus most of their photography on trips and excursions. These adventures can be several days or weeks, and renting gear can be less expensive than having a piece of equipment sitting on a shelf at home. 

Also, don't be afraid to purchase used photography gear. Many reputable companies offer used photography equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. In addition, thrifty purchases will help your dollar stretch further. 

4. Post-processing is cheating 

Don't listen to this misconception about landscape photography. Post-processing is an essential step in the creation of an image. Images can be processed in-camera or inside post-processing programs and should.

RAW linear files are flat and dull and lack what a real-life landscape scene looks like. Processing your images helps bring a photo to life and is one step in capturing a photo. 

Photography is a beautiful journey of learning and growth. Enjoy your journey of discovery and creation, and don't let misconceptions stand in your way of becoming the photographer you want to be. 


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