Feeling uninspired? One location 5 different photos

Mar 14, 2023

It happens. Every photographer goes through a stage when photographing new and exciting locations is impossible. Perhaps this is happening to you right now. Maybe life has you tending to responsibilities at home, or health issues have you resting without travel possibilities, or life has some other plan that keeps you close to home. My wish for you is even in times when you cannot travel, you still pick up your camera and venture out into your community in search of beauty.

One common complaint from the landscape photographer is, "I visit the same location repeatedly!" 

There are many reasons this benefits you as a photographer, but that's not what today's tip is about. Instead, I want to inspire you to embrace the familiar but seek out variety in the way you capture that location. 

Here is one location captured in five different ways: 

1. Wide-angle daylight photo

ISO 64, 14mm, f8, 0.4 seconds

2. Long exposure wide-angle photo

ISO 100, 16mm, f11, 30 seconds

3. Nighttime photo

ISO 2000, 14mm, f3.2, 15 seconds

4. Perspective change from landscape to vertical orientation


5. Telephoto

ISO 100, 86mm, f4, 1/1000 ss

Many other ways to capture a similar location include varying compositions, looking for intimate scenes, and seasonal variations. 

Capturing the same location can be challenging but rewarding when you intentionally aim to capture something similar, differently. 


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