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Five Images you'll want to Capture this Fall

It’s no secret that I adore summer, but those beautiful days filled with light and warmth are quickly coming to a close. Replacing t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops are all the warm nuances of fall. Fall doesn’t last long around my neck of the woods. Last year we skipped autumn and moved straight into winter. A vicious snowstorm rolled in before the leaves turned their beautiful golden colours, and nature froze instantly. All those leaves fell to the ground in a mess of brown yuck. I’m hoping for more this year when it comes to the autumn season. As nature turns golden, there are five images that I'm aiming to capture. 

1. Outdoor adventure

I’ll admit that I do love the crisp fresh air of fall. Something is refreshing about the scent of dewy grasses, and frost kissed leaves. I find myself breathing a little deeper on my morning walks, enjoying that chill as it expands my lungs. Even with falls' chill, it isn’t too...

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Photographing the Best of Fall with Variety

Fall, although short-lived where I’m from, is one of my favourite times of the year. Cozy knitted oversized sweaters, leather booties, apple cider, a carefully crafted apple pie, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg and that spicy scent lingering in the air after a marathon day of salsa creation all flood my senses with a warm nostalgic sensation. Since the autumn season spans only a few weeks before those winter snowflakes begin to fall, I like to prepare for myself a list of autumn images I hope to capture this year. As I plan my seasonal ideas, I've thought about a few ways in which I can infuse variety into the images I capture. Today I'm sharing these thoughts with you. 

1. Use a wide-angle lens

Lenses that are 35mm and wider are considered wide-angle—this focal range permits a photographer with the opportunity to capture a large scene. Wide angles during the fall are fantastic when the goal is to capture a larger setting. If you have a wide-angle...

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How to take Beautiful Images in an Uninteresting Location

Summer will soon come to an end. Fall is in the air up here in Canada, where I live. School routines have begun, whether it’s online or in the classroom, as have extracurricular activities, albeit all are looking different this year under the pandemic influence. With the return to the home environment, the creative spark inherent in summer adventure has been lost. The question now is, how can we interestingly use our everyday spaces? Below are a few tips to take with you through the upcoming months as you spend more time in your familiar and sometimes uninteresting environments.

1. Shoot from above-bird's eye view

As parents, our most common view of observing our children is from above. Shooting from above your subject can be an enduring perspective that evokes feelings of tender caring and love. This viewpoint also helps isolate details and can create a more interesting image, even in the most uninteresting location.

 Remember that you don't always have to shoot top...

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How to Capture More Interesting Photos

Photography is a powerful tool, and each photographer should aim to capture images uniquely that are in alignment with her style and voice. The mom photographer in me wants to capture images in which I preserve childhood moments of my rapidly growing children frame by frame. At the same time, the artist part of me wishes to capture dynamically creative images filled with visual interest. More simply put, I want the combination of why I capture images and how I photograph the moments I choose to preserve to be interesting.

There are many different ways in which a photographer can interestingly capture everyday moments. Today, I am sharing a few tried and true methods for infusing more interest in photographs.

1. Infuse a story 

Humans relate to stories. Life is a beautiful story of ups and downs and joys and pains, and visual stories displaying these moments can be captivating. The better you get at telling a story within your images, the more interesting...

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How to infuse Creativity into your Photographs when Light is not Ideal

Life happens, and it should, at all hours of the day. Many beautiful moments in my life occur outside of perfect lighting conditions. Yes, I do have my favourite types of light, but I've come to embrace all kinds and see value in learning and then working with light outside of the ideal. One of my goals as a photographer is to document the childhood memories of my children but infuse creativity into those images as well. Lighting conditions outside of the ideal have helped me learn more about how to work with less than ideal lighting conditions and embrace creativity. It is possible to take creative images in less than ideal lighting situations.  

 1. Create a sunburst

Full sun can be intimidating. There are bright overpowering highlights and deep dark shadows to manage. It is, however, possible to beautifully photograph your memories in full sun. One of my favourite ways in which to infuse creativity into my images when the sun...

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Lazy Hazy Summer Days and Must Capture Images

Every summer, I like to create a must capture list of images that I think embody the summer season because I enjoy documenting summer. Since there's only about a month of summer left up here in Canada, I like to make sure, by now, that I've made a nice dent in my goals of preserving our summer memories. If you are still in a summertime mode, here's some inspiration for you and some suggestions for images that I think make excellent summertime photos. 

1. Water

Summer and water are the perfect pair. There's nothing more fun than a water gun fight through the forest, a trip to the river for some splish-splash play, a day at the beach or a run through a backyard sprinkler. Beaming hot sun begs to be tamed by playful water fun, so these activities are always high on the list of my must capture summer images.

ISO 200, 17mm, f9, 1/800SS

 2. Summer Food

Delicious summer meals will be cooked and enjoyed all summer long. I know that my children are...

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Creative Editing in Photoshop


Editing is a calming and cathartic process for me. Sometimes when I upload an image I know exactly where I want to take it in my editing process. Other times my creative editing process is an evolution of steps and experimentation. Photoshop opens up a world of opportunity for infusing touches of magic and imagination into an image.

In this article, I'll be sharing my creative process for the image I processed in Lightroom in the last blog post article. If you didn't get the opportunity to see my Lightroom edit for this image you can find that here: A Clean Edit in Lightroom.  

Watch as I take the following image from...

ISO 200, 150mm, f3.5, 1/1250SS this creative edit. 

ISO 200, 150mm, f3.5, 1/1250SS

I want to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Lightroom edit. Some photographers prefer cleaner and more realistic edits. I often do in many of my edits but from time to time I enjoy infusing artistic touching into my images. Creative editing...

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A Clean Edit in Lightroom


My post-processing workflow for every image I capture begins in Lightroom. I love Lightroom's cataloging and organizing system in addition to the straight forward and intuitive editing features within the program.  

I always learn something from watching other photographers edit. This week I want to share this clean and straightforward edit in Lightroom. In a matter of minutes, watch this featured image change from underexposed to bright and airy with a few simple tweaks. 

Watch me edit this image in the featured video from straight out of the camera... 

SOOC- ISO 200, 150mm, f3.5, 1/1250 SS the final Lightroom edit.

SOOC- ISO 200, 150mm, f3.5, 1/1250 SS
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How to Find your Editing Style

If there is one single question that I've repeatedly heard throughout my photography journey, it is this one, "How do I find my style?" Finding your style as a photographer, specifically your editing style, is not something that's going to happen overnight. I think that style is ever-evolving throughout the entirety of your photography journey. There are, however, a few indicators that are going to help you solidify who you are as an artist as you go about editing your images in post-processing. The suggestions below can help you find your editing style.

1. Never compare or copy

The photography community is full of jaw-dropping talent. It's easy to feel less than the incredible photographer that you are when you are constantly comparing your images to someone else. Copying the work of other photographers is even more detrimental to finding your style because when you are copying, you are not infusing yourself into the creation of your photographs. 

As an aside here, I...

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5 Tips for Capturing Better Seascape Photographs

This week I'm thrilled to feature the talent of landscape, nature and travel photographer Jennifer Carr. Jennifer's images are filled with pretty, airy light and beautiful colour. Her images are inspiring, and I love how she finds beauty everywhere. Today, Jennifer is sharing her expertise with us on how to capture better seascape images.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us Jennifer!"

There is no doubt that spending time near the ocean is a relaxing and rewarding experience. Whether you are holding a cup of coffee, watching the sunrise, or sipping your favorite cocktail while the sun sets, the scene is typically a visual feast for the eyes. It’s a moment that you’ll want to sear in your memory bank forever, and there is no better way to do that than through photography. Here are five tips for capturing better seascape images.

ISO 800, f8, 1/200SS 

1. Capture Movement

By using shutter speed creatively, you can choose to...

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