Lazy Hazy Summer Days and Must Capture Images

Aug 04, 2020

Every summer, I like to create a must capture list of images that I think embody the summer season because I enjoy documenting summer. Since there's only about a month of summer left up here in Canada, I like to make sure, by now, that I've made a nice dent in my goals of preserving our summer memories. If you are still in a summertime mode, here's some inspiration for you and some suggestions for images that I think make excellent summertime photos. 

1. Water

Summer and water are the perfect pair. There's nothing more fun than a water gun fight through the forest, a trip to the river for some splish-splash play, a day at the beach or a run through a backyard sprinkler. Beaming hot sun begs to be tamed by playful water fun, so these activities are always high on the list of my must capture summer images.

ISO 200, 17mm, f9, 1/800SS

 2. Summer Food

Delicious summer meals will be cooked and enjoyed all summer long. I know that my children are devouring saucy barbequed chicken, dripping ice cream cones, sticky watermelon, and oozing marshmallow smores during the summer months. The messy, gooey and sticky signs of summer enjoyment are memories I want to ensure I have captured by the end of the summer.  

ISO 800, 35mm, f3.2, 1/400SS

3. Summer Adventures

We usually spend summers close to home, enjoying the beauty in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This summer will be no different. We love being outdoors during the summer months, and my camera is never left behind. The simple childhood moments of adventure are beautiful memories to preserve with your camera. 

ISO 200, 32mm, f8, 1/640S

4. Favourite Activities

From year to year, my children's favourite activities can change. As my children grow, so do their interests. I think it's incredibly important to document favourite summer activities as much as possible. I make an effort to capture each one of my children as they enjoy their summer surroundings. 

ISO 400, 35mm, f2.8, 1/2000SS

5. Summer Weather

I do love drama in the summer weather! Perhaps it's the landscape photographer in me. I love a good summer storm! The weather here in the Canadian Prairies and Rockies can change at the drop of a hat. I enjoy incorporating the power and drama of summer into images with my children.   

ISO 200, 16mm, f11, 1/640SS

6. Summer Discoveries 

Our summer includes a lot of exploring. During this exploration, there are always found treasures. It might be an old tree or a tiny mushroom or a hidden waterfall or unique wildflower. Whatever our discoveries might be, these are moments that can be photographed. I love looking back on summer images from the past and remembering certain moments of childhood discovery.   

ISO 400, 50mm, Freelensed, 1/1000SS

7. Summer Friends

Creepy, crawly, hopping or fluttering, it doesn't matter. My children are attracted to them all. Summertime friends come along with outdoor adventures, and I love the glee on the faces of my children when they discover a summer friend. 

ISO 100, 35mm, f4, 1/320SS

Summer won't last much longer, so make sure you've captured your beautiful memories before fall arrives! 

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