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Six Ways to Capture the Essence of Winter in your Landscape Images

Winter infuses hidden magic within a landscape scene. The visual drama of the summer and fall has been hushed under winter's soft blanket of snow. Quiet and stillness unfold before our eyes, and it's captivating in so many ways. The winter months offer incredible frozen beauty and often soft diffuse light. It's truly a spectacular season in which to venture out into your favourite landscapes. Below are a few tips on how you can embrace the winter season and capture its essence in the coming months.  

1. Embrace the weather

I love stunning light and colour, and I know you do too. Photographers crave pretty light that bursts into colour and takes your breath away, but the reality is those days can be few and far between during the winter months. Don't let a snowstorm or lack of colour disappoint you. Showcase other wintery elements, like diffuse light on a mountain peak or winter's artwork at your feet. There's beauty in all types of weather, so don't be afraid to...

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How to Find Creative Light Inside your Home

The chilly days of late fall are here. Quite frankly, though, it's feeling a lot like winter. We've lost an hour of daylight and the dark days associated with the winter months are here. I rarely lack inspiration during the summer when light is plentiful, and I’m usually immersed outdoors in nature. However, the move indoors can sometimes leave me feeling uninspired with shorter days and colder weather. To keep from falling into a rut, I make an effort to look for opportunities to capture creative light inside my home. Today, I want to share some tips about places to look for creative light inside your home so that you can remain inspired to pick up your camera even in the darkest and coldest of days. 

1. Window coverings

Slat blinds and lacy drapery can provide beautiful patterned light when it filters from the outdoors inside your home. Lines and repetition of shape as light is diffused through window coverings can infuse creativity into...

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How to Capture Stunning Images of your Children this Fall Season

Although short, the fall season is undeniably one of the most beautiful outdoor seasons of them all. The colours and show nature puts on infuses warm beauty into frames. There are several ways photographers can capture the best of the best during fall, capturing our children's moments while photographing precious memories. Below are a few ideas on how you can set yourself up to capture stunning images of your children this fall season.   

1. Shoot during peak colour

The shift from golden trees to fallen leaves happens in a blink of an eye. A simple gust of wind can blow away leaves within minutes, leaving branches bare, or an early snowstorm can freeze fall in her tracks. Once the colour begins, keep a very close watch on nature.  Be on the lookout for peak colours, then run outdoors and devour nature's stunning display before fall comes to an end. Images during the peak of fall colour can result in stunning fall captures.  

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How to take Beautiful Images in an Uninteresting Location

Summer will soon come to an end. Fall is in the air up here in Canada, where I live. School routines have begun, whether it’s online or in the classroom, as have extracurricular activities, albeit all are looking different this year under the pandemic influence. With the return to the home environment, the creative spark inherent in summer adventure has been lost. The question now is, how can we interestingly use our everyday spaces? Below are a few tips to take with you through the upcoming months as you spend more time in your familiar and sometimes uninteresting environments.

1. Shoot from above-bird's eye view

As parents, our most common view of observing our children is from above. Shooting from above your subject can be an enduring perspective that evokes feelings of tender caring and love. This viewpoint also helps isolate details and can create a more interesting image, even in the most uninteresting location.

 Remember that you don't always have to shoot top...

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Secrets for Powerful Black and White Images: A Black and White Photography Series, Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this black and white series, I shared some tips with you on how you can create images in-camera that will result in strong black and white photos. However, creating a strong image in-camera is only half of the creative process when it comes to a black and white image. Strong monochrome photography is not complete without a good post-processing conversion. There are many different styles when it comes to black and white imagery; no one is correct. There are also many different presets for black and white images that you may find useful. My advice to you is that you should experiment in your post-processing. By doing this, you’ll find a style that you like. When processing an image for black and white, I do have a few tips to share with you. Here are those tips for your consideration.

1. Look for a strong tonal range

The tonal range in photography is simply the span of tones across an image from pure black through brightest white. The histogram below was...

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