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Three Images to Capture on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is almost here! I can feel an excited energy building in my home. Holiday shopping is, for the most part, complete, presents are wrapped, Christmas traditions are in full swing, and that elf has been up to all of his shenanigans! Left to do is the baking, especially gingerbread cookies and a few other holiday favourites like marshmallow squares. With all the hustle and bustle within the preparations for Christmas Day, even during a COVID Christmas where restrictions have damped the holiday events, putting together a Christmas is never an easy task. I know that I want to photograph a few of our most precious memories this Christmas.

1. Capture one meaningful Christmas tradition

Of course, there is no better way to preserve a memory than to capture it on camera. As a family, we have many different traditions that we like to enjoy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, some of which include opening up that last advent calendar goodie and warm apple...

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How to Capture the Essence of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is magical and wonderous. It's hard not to get excited about this time of year, especially when we see it through the delight in the eyes of our children. Even my teen and tween, whose belief in magic has mostly faded away, like to enjoy the splendour of the holiday season. Sometimes it's the simplest of moments that make the best photographs because they are filled with treasured memories. Below are a few ways you can capture your memories filled with the essence of the holiday season this December. 

1. Photograph your traditions

To this day, I can clearly remember the day my eldest daughter arrived home from kindergarten at age five and, with a perplexed expression, promptly asked me, "When is our elf arriving, Mommy? All my friend's elves have arrived already." After a couple of quick texts to my daughter's friends' moms, I had discovered more about this elf. The next day our elf arrived, and he has been a tradition in our...

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Holiday Card Ideas

The holiday season has arrived! It's time to spread cheer far and wide. One of the ways we can spread cheer is through annual holiday cards. This year, I think that with the restrictions from the COVID-19 health pandemic connecting with friends and family through cards is even more important than in other years. There are many different options when it comes to individualizing holiday greetings. Use the inspiration below to get your creative ideas flowing so that you get your greetings into the hands of family and friends. 

1. Portraits

Portraits are a beautiful way in which to share your family with those you love this holiday season. Posed portraits are a more traditional yet beautiful option for your holiday cards this year. Fine art stylized portraits are always captivating and create the perfect holiday card. 

Image created by Lynne Williams @lynnewilliams_photography

Alternatively, you can opt for a less styled holiday portrait. Lifestyle images...

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