Holiday Card Ideas

Dec 01, 2020
Christmas Card Ideas

The holiday season has arrived! It's time to spread cheer far and wide. One of the ways we can spread cheer is through annual holiday cards. This year, I think that with the restrictions from the COVID-19 health pandemic connecting with friends and family through cards is even more important than in other years. There are many different options when it comes to individualizing holiday greetings. Use the inspiration below to get your creative ideas flowing so that you get your greetings into the hands of family and friends. 

1. Portraits

Portraits are a beautiful way in which to share your family with those you love this holiday season. Posed portraits are a more traditional yet beautiful option for your holiday cards this year. Fine art stylized portraits are always captivating and create the perfect holiday card. 

Image created by Lynne Williams @lynnewilliams_photography

Alternatively, you can opt for a less styled holiday portrait. Lifestyle images are perfect for gracing the front of holiday cards. These types of images are sure to bring smiles to friends and family's faces and warm their hearts. I think backdrops like tree farms or an outdoor wintery scene are perfect for these types of warming family portraits. I love the idea of infusing a holiday prop or some seasonal element to add an extra special touch to holiday portraits. 

Image captured by Kellie Overholt @kellieoverholt

2. Environmental portraits 

Environmental portraits are perfect during the holiday season. The best part of environmental portraits is that they are often enjoyable to create for both us and our little subjects. Indoor opportunities for holiday portraits are everywhere inside your home! Think about the many different traditions that we incorporate into our homes during the holiday season and capture one of those moments in an image. 

Image captured by Vironica Golden @vironica

Also, consider outdoor environmental portraits. There's a ton of beauty during the winter months. An environmental portrait amidst a snowy scene or a capture while out on a family adventure will make a stunning holiday card this year.  

Image captured by Magda Hudy

 3. Posed holiday scene

The holiday season is filled with magic and wonder. Posed holiday scenes infuse warm sentiment into a photograph. Holiday details are bound to delight your viewers and fill the hearts of those who receive your holiday card with the magic of the season. 

Image captured by Sara Hunt @sarahuntphotography

4. Holiday details

I'm certain that your home is filled with the essence of the holiday season. These holiday details make wonderful covers for any holiday card. Decorations to delicious seasonal baking to warm cups of cocoa are all perfect elements to infuse into your holiday card this year. 

Image captured by Jillian Baudry @jbaudryfrance

5. Flat lays 

Perhaps this year, you'd like to forgo the traditional family portrait? Flat lays are an attractive and elegant way to send holiday cheer! The options are endless here, so don't be afraid to get creative! 

Image captured by Nadeen Flynn

6. Nature

Nature is beautiful and offers a ton of incredible beauty at any time of the year. This year think about capturing those details and creating holiday cards showcasing nature's display. A winter scene covered in billows of snow, a pine cone frosted in a tree or the beautiful simplicity of red berries displayed amongst greenery are all fantastic options in which to send your holidays greetings. 

Image captured by Dana Korba @danaleighportraits 

7. Magical Moments

Christmas is a magical time, and I think infusing that magic into your photography and showcasing it on all your holiday cards is the perfect way to embrace the wonder of this season. The opportunities to infuse imagination into a scene are endless, so be sure to embrace your creativity and delight this Christmas. 

Image captured by Lu Huang @luv_luluuu

8. Make design and printing easy

Now that you've chosen your image, it's time to get creative, and I know you can do it because you're a photographer! My go-to site for all things design is, Canva because it is spectacular and they have a free membership too! You can really create anything you desire. From simple to a little more embellished, you can design it all, and if you want to forgo designing a card and use a template, they have that for you too. Best of all, Canva offers to print, so once your design is created, a simple click delivers your holiday cards straight to your doorstep. That sounds like my kind of easy during this busy time of the year!   

 Created in Canva, image by Gina Yeo @ginayeophotography 

Well, there you have it! I know that I'm feeling inspired, and I bet that you are too! I wish you a wonderful creative session as you go about making your holiday cards.