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Do You Ever...

Feel frustrated or overwhelmed because you're not quite sure how to use your camera?

Wonder how you can photograph landscapes with ease so you can enjoy your time in nature instead of feeling frustrated with your photography? 

Become disappointed that your landscape images don't match the beauty that you witnessed in person?

Had some success with landscape photography techniques but continue to miss the mark and not see the results you actually want for the amount of effort you're putting in?

I want you to know that I get it.


Like you, I've fumbled with my camera settings, felt confused and overwhelmed about exactly how to capture a quality landscape image, and become frustrated with my photography.


BUT...There's hope!


The Art in Landscape Photography

(A four-week online instructor lead and supported workshop)

 landscape photography workshop designed by a landscape photographer, who knows what works and what does not, FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO WANTS TO SEE RESULTS.

Access to EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY KNOWLEDGE that teaches you the exact steps needed to capture the stunning landscape images you want instead of missing out on the shot due to confusion, frustration and overwhelm.

The only FRAMEWORK you will ever need to capture every single jaw-dropping moment you want to remember when you are out enjoying nature.

Included inside

The Art in Landscape Photography

  • Four weeks of expert landscape photography education from a passionate landscape photographer.
  • A proven framework for successful landscape photography.
  • 11 downloadable lesson PDFs written in easy to understand language to help you solidify concepts quickly.
  • 2 workbooks containing nineteen step-by-step exercises that will walk you through landscape photography techniques! 
  •  25 + hold-nothing-back videos that share my entire landscape post-processing workflow and editing techniques, tips and secrets.

Course materials will be released weekly, one module at a time. Each module and every lesson have been carefully crafted to help you be successful. This buildable step-by-step system of learning will keep you moving forward towards the finish line.

Here's what others have to say after learning From Me!



"Taking a course with Gina has been nothing short of transformational. Gina expertly navigated me into the depths of my camera and then out into the world with new perspective.  She left nothing out of the course, from equipment and image storage to quick smartphone reference guides, I feel fully enabled to confidently and artfully embark on my photography journey.  Gina turns complex concepts into tangible ones and is readily available with further insights.  Her depth of knowledge is enviable and her willingness to share it generous."

Annie Absolon

"Gina is the epitome of kindness. One of the things that made me choose Gina's workshop was her approachability. While I was still a prospective student, she answered my questions, was attentive and helped me understand the material that I hadn't grasped before...She is an amazing teacher, explains things thoroughly and in a manner that makes sense. Her teaching material is invaluable, and I highly recommend her."

Kaitlyn Heaton

“Gina is a wonderful landscape teacher, no matter whether you are learning from her in person or over the internet. Gina is highly knowledgeable about various aspects that make strong landscape photos including lighting and exposure, composition techniques, colour theory, and post-processing techniques, and she does a great job of explaining these ideas in ways that make sense and are actionable by her students. I have had the opportunity to learn from Gina in several different ways over the past five years, and I always pick up new tips and techniques.”

Magda Hudy

Gina is an amazingly talented and passionate landscape photographer. She has a wealth of knowledge about all technical aspects of landscape photography and knows how to share that knowledge, so it is easy to understand. She has a way of simplifying difficult concepts/techniques and making them very manageable. It is thanks to Gina that I was able to learn to photograph landscapes at night, and she was instrumental in initiating my passion for astrophotography. I cannot thank you enough for this, Gina!

She is incredibly patient and encouraging in her manner of teaching and generously shares her knowledge while at the same time helping you develop and grow your own style. Gina genuinely wants you to succeed and grow as a photographer, and she will share all that she knows in order to help you do that. She is truly one of the best out there!

Who's Behind The Art in Landscape Photography?


Well hello! I'm Gina!

I've been a photographer for over fifteen years. My entire life, I've lived within a stone's throw from the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. As a child, I ran through forests and feasted my eyes on the grandness of the ranges I now adoringly photograph. Today, it's my privilege and honour to be able to photograph the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies. 

In my photography journey, I was once exactly where you are. I'm so glad I made the leap of faith and fed that little spark inside me that I felt when I picked up my camera because photography has changed my life in incredible ways. Photography has enriched my life far beyond the images I create and gives me joy and strength. The Rockies are where I go to unwind and fill my soul with that cathartic soothing only nature can offer.

My wish is that in your life, you, too, will experience the incredible benefits only photography and nature can bring. In addition, I want you to experience the joy, peace and health that is waiting for you. 

I've taught thousands of photographers from all over the world, and my promise to you is to teach you what you need to know to become the photographer you want to be. With the knowledge and experience I have, I know exactly what you need to see the results you want in your photography. I look forward to watching you grow into the landscape photographer you want to be!

I hope to see you inside The Art in Landscape Photography soon!