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How to Photograph Stunning Fall Landscapes

Typically, fall in the Canadian Rocky Mountains lasts only a few short weeks. Mixed in with all that beautiful colour is a variety of lighting and weather conditions. Sometimes you're fortunate enough to get the conditions you had been dreaming about photographing in, but other times conditions are not ideal. Since the fall season is so short, I know that I want to make the very most out of capturing this stunning season before winter blows in and covers everything in a blanket of white. Below are some ways in which you can ensure you capture stunning fall landscapes this year. 

1. Consider your Location

When it comes to landscape photography, most of you will agree that location matters. It’s well worth the effort to research and scout locations you intend to photograph, especially if you seek a specific element, like fall colour, within your images. Not all locations will offer fall colours in abundance. It is also a good idea to consider the elevation you'll be...

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A New Year with New Goals

I think the development of a photographer is quite incredible. The embodiment of being a photographer has two correlating journeys, one in technique and one as an artist. Photography techniques can continuously improve through practice. Art is also ever-evolving. I think that's exciting and it is also one of the things I love about this never-ending journey called photography. The ability to continuously learn and grow is attractive to me. 

The beginning of a New Year is undoubtedly a time for self-reflection and one in which personal goals are often set. As a means to help you move forward in your development as a photographer, goal setting is an excellent idea. Here are a few things to think about this year as you begin to set your goals.  

1. Set small goals

As noted, the development of a photographer is never-ending. There's no finish line, and there's a lot to learn. Set small, attainable goals. This will help you from putting too much pressure on...

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