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How to infuse Creativity into your Photographs when Light is not Ideal

Life happens, and it should, at all hours of the day. Many beautiful moments in my life occur outside of perfect lighting conditions. Yes, I do have my favourite types of light, but I've come to embrace all kinds and see value in learning and then working with light outside of the ideal. One of my goals as a photographer is to document the childhood memories of my children but infuse creativity into those images as well. Lighting conditions outside of the ideal have helped me learn more about how to work with less than ideal lighting conditions and embrace creativity. It is possible to take creative images in less than ideal lighting situations.  

 1. Create a sunburst

Full sun can be intimidating. There are bright overpowering highlights and deep dark shadows to manage. It is, however, possible to beautifully photograph your memories in full sun. One of my favourite ways in which to infuse creativity into my images when the sun...

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4 Fun Ways to Incorporate Water into your Summer images

Water is one of my favourite elements to infuse into summer images with my children. These types of photos are always fun to capture. I adore the laughter and childhood memories that are made in water. 

Before I share with you my favourite ways in which you can experiment with water in your images, I must mention how you can protect your camera gear from contact with water. The electrical components in a camera do not play well with the splish-splash of water droplets or submersion. For less intense water photographs, I use a rain sleeve to cover my gear. You may also choose to cover your lens with a Ziploc or clear plastic bag for protection from the occasional water drop. For split submersion or submersion water photographs, I use a DiCAPac. I don't spend a lot of time fully submerged in water because the bodies of water I have access to are icy, so a quick dip is about all I can stand. I find the DiCAPac works well for what I need for it to do. Many photographers...

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