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The Magic in Winter Series: Post Processing: Part 4 of 4

It’s always an excellent idea for a photographer to capture technically strong images in-camera. However, I think that there’s also an artist in each of us, and post-processing not only allows us to tweak components within our pictures but also provides opportunities for creative freedoms. This week, which is the final installment in The Magic in Winter Series, I’m sharing with you tips for tackling some common winter image problems so that your final winter photographs will ooze magic.

1. Tweak underexposed subjects

If you have exposed for your snow and not blown out your highlights, sometimes your subject in your photo will be a touch underexposed, especially in strong backlit situations.  If I’ve exposed well in the camera, brightening up my image globally in post-processing can sometimes result in blown-out highlights within that already bright snow.  To tame this dilemma, I selectively brighten up just my subject.  My favourite...

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