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How to Find Creative Light Inside your Home

The chilly days of late fall are here. Quite frankly, though, it's feeling a lot like winter. We've lost an hour of daylight and the dark days associated with the winter months are here. I rarely lack inspiration during the summer when light is plentiful, and I’m usually immersed outdoors in nature. However, the move indoors can sometimes leave me feeling uninspired with shorter days and colder weather. To keep from falling into a rut, I make an effort to look for opportunities to capture creative light inside my home. Today, I want to share some tips about places to look for creative light inside your home so that you can remain inspired to pick up your camera even in the darkest and coldest of days. 

1. Window coverings

Slat blinds and lacy drapery can provide beautiful patterned light when it filters from the outdoors inside your home. Lines and repetition of shape as light is diffused through window coverings can infuse creativity into...

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Finding and Photographing Creative Indoor Shadows

It's finally happening! The daylight has begun to increase noticeably. Winter up here in the North will stick around until at least April and maybe beyond, but I'm happy to see a significant brightening in the light within my home. I thoroughly enjoy exploring this return in light, and I find my creativity is rejuvenated with the light. I like to think about how I can use the newly returned light and shadow in fun and creative ways. Here are a few ideas about how you can use light and shadow in your images.

1. Look for shadows from windows

Window shadows are some of my favourite ways in which to use light and shadow creatively. Watch for light and shadow during different times of the day as the sun enters your home. Think about how you can use this light and infuse this often creative light and shadow into your images.

There are many different ways in which you can use the same light source and window in your images and create different looks. Try backlighting, side lighting...

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