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Staying Inspired During Dark Winter Months

Winter can be uninspiring, especially this year, when many of us are under health protocols that keep us from gathering and engaging in our usual activities. Beyond that, though, days seem to fly by due to the short hours of daylight with little light left once the daily routine has been attended to. It's also chilly and outdoor adventures can be a lot of effort. Often, and this is certainly true for me, we find ourselves picking up our camera less and less. Here are a few tips on how you can stay inspired until spring arrives and new blooms rejuvenate your inspiration. 

1. Keep your camera close

Moments pop up every day that are beautiful and worthy of capturing, but it's easy to miss them when our cameras are not accessible. What's that quote? "Out of sight, out of mind." Purposefully keep your camera in a room where there is a lot of activity with typical indoor settings already dialled in. If your goal is to capture the beautiful everyday moments of your life, then...

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How to Find Creative Light Inside your Home

The chilly days of late fall are here. Quite frankly, though, it's feeling a lot like winter. We've lost an hour of daylight and the dark days associated with the winter months are here. I rarely lack inspiration during the summer when light is plentiful, and I’m usually immersed outdoors in nature. However, the move indoors can sometimes leave me feeling uninspired with shorter days and colder weather. To keep from falling into a rut, I make an effort to look for opportunities to capture creative light inside my home. Today, I want to share some tips about places to look for creative light inside your home so that you can remain inspired to pick up your camera even in the darkest and coldest of days. 

1. Window coverings

Slat blinds and lacy drapery can provide beautiful patterned light when it filters from the outdoors inside your home. Lines and repetition of shape as light is diffused through window coverings can infuse creativity into...

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5 Reasons to Use a Telephoto in your Landscape Photography

Do you haul around your heavy telephoto lens in your photography backpack but rarely take it out? I'm hanging my head in shame because my answer is, "Yes." I'm notorious for rarely taking out my telephoto, and this is something I must change. A resolution, per se, even though we're well into February. As the temperatures begin to warm and we all begin to spend a little more time outdoors exploring all the beauty nature has to offer, I'm sure you're embracing your opportunities for landscape photography. Instead of keeping that telephoto lens tucked inside your backpack, adopt the following reasons for why you should take it out and use it in your landscape images.  

1. Isolate your subject

Telephoto lenses are fantastic for isolating a subject. When zoomed in using a telephoto, you can crop out large areas of detail, which will isolate a single subject. The composition of your image is vital in such a situation, though. Think about how you can draw attention...

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