how to photograph landscape images during the fall

Why You Should Photograph Fall During Daylight Hours

Sep 14, 2021

Let's have a quick chat about colour theory, shall we? Now colour theory is a topic that can be discussed at length, but in its simplest explanation, it tells us that certain pairings of colours create pleasing visual scenes. Due to the explosion of colours during the fall season, I think there's no better time than now to think about how colour theory can be integrated into landscape images.    

Below is an example of a simple colour wheel. Colours in the wheel are spaced out in a very deliberate order. Take a peek at the colour wheel below. Notice if you will that the opposite colour on the wheel to blue is orange, while red's opposite is green and purple and yellow sit opposite. These duos of colour are called complementary colour pairings. 

Filling your frames with colours opposite each other on a colour wheel creates a complimentary and very appealing visual combination within a photograph. Daylight, as we know, boasts those bright, expansive blue skies which landscape photographers sometimes shun. However, I think the colour show can begin way before sunset and last beyond sunrise skies during the fall season. Those deep daylight blue skies complement the warm golden foliage of fall in the most spectacular way.  

ISO 100 16mm f8, 1/8sec

This fall definitely be on the lookout for blue skies and warm foliage scenes. Those orange-yellow leaves are the perfect compliment to daytime blue skies. When you upload the fruit of your efforts I'm certain you won't regret capturing those complimentary colour daylight images this upcoming season!