My Favourite Spring Photography Props

Apr 21, 2020

I welcome springtime photography, especially after the very long winters we endure up north here. Spring is the breath of warm fresh air that we've been dreaming about all winter long. Spring is full of nostalgia. The sounds and sights of spring bring me back to childhood memories of running barefoot through dandelion fields, moseying through fields of flowers and skipping rocks into the finally unfrozen and meandering river. The smells and sights of spring are irresistible and refreshing, and I know that I want to capture every spring moment that I possibly can during this short season. I think many beautiful spring props can be infused into spring photographs. Below are a few ideas I want to share as a means to inspire you this spring.

1. Flowers

Nothing shouts, "Spring!" more to me than flowers. New blooms pop up everywhere, and I revel in the smells of warming soil, neon-bright grass, and all that beautiful colour after the long winter. Around here, we are careful to pick only wild weeds, but I think we still end up with bouquets of prettiness! Don't be afraid to get creative with your flower images too. I like to shoot through flowers all the time, as they infuse beautiful coloured bokeh into a capture. Give this technique a try this spring!

ISO400, 105mm, f4.5, 1/250SS

2. Colourful rainboots and umbrellas

April showers bring May flowers, and in my case, April flurries bring May showers, which eventually lead to flowers in June! Even when it does snow in spring, the temperatures are a little more manageable, so we can make use of our fun spring umbrellas and cute rain boots. I know that in other climates, there's lots of puddle jumping fun happening in the spring, and I adore the infusion of brightly coloured umbrellas and cheery rainboots. These childhood moments of play are certainly worth capturing in a fun way.

ISO 200, 105mm, f3.5, 1/2500SS

3. Bicycles

Once all of that snow disappears, we spend a lot more time outdoors. My children look forward to bike rides through our pathway systems. These moments are more documentary, but I think they are moments worth capturing.

ISO 800, 200mm, f3.2, 1/2000SS

4. Sticks

That which was hidden under snow has now reappeared! The forest floor is filled with treasures. My children always enjoy finding those treasures on our walks. We discovered mushrooms this way and keep a little log of all the forest mushrooms we discover during our hikes. Finding new species of mushrooms has developed into a learning tradition for us. 

A good walking stick that doubles as a sword is also a must! I love capturing these fleeting childhood moments where imagination, play, and adventure meld into a beautiful everyday moment that is certainly worth photographing.  

ISO 400, 35mm, f4, 1/250SS

5. Cute dresses

I have two girls, so photography shoots with cute dresses are a must. Even my teenager will put on a dress for me from time to time and dance through the spring flowers. Spring dresses pair perfectly with spring's whimsy, and I cannot resist an opportunity to infuse the femininity of a spring dress into a flowery scene. Perhaps it's the dreamer in me that's attracted to such a scene!  

ISO 400, 78mm, f3.2, 1/1000SS

6. Frogs, bugs and butterflies

I don't know about your children, but mine adore all creatures hopping, creeping, crawling and fluttering. The micro world is great fun to explore, and I think there are also many wonderful lessons to learn about nature when we respectfully and gently play with the creatures we encounter. Most of the time, before we return our nature friends to their habitat, a quick image is in order.

ISO 100, 35mm, f4, 1/500SS

7. Bubbles

Who doesn't love the fun bubbles bring? Bubbles are another favourite spring prop of mine. The movement inherent within a scene filled with bubbles infuses fun energy that I think works well in any childhood springtime photograph. I cannot help but smile as bubbles take flight, and I know my children do too. I love capturing these joyous and energy-filled moments. 

ISO 320, 105mm, f2.8, 1/2000SS

8. Dandelions

Dandelions scream spring! Those pops of yellow are a sure sign that spring has sprung. Of course, the fun with dandelions doesn't end at yellow! Who doesn't want to blow wishes around? I know we have so much fun huffing, puffing, and blowing all the seeds around. Dandelions offer lots of spring fun, and I think those moments are perfect childhood moments that should be captured with your camera. 

ISO 400, 120mm, f3.2, 1/640SS

I hope that when spring arrives, you'll have fun infusing some spring props into your images. There's a ton of fun to be had outdoors during the springtime, and I hope you feel inspired to capture these everyday memories.   

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