Join me and I'll teach you how to find and use everyday light in a way that will elevate your photography and help you see and use light more effectively within your own environment. I will show you how to make the most out of one light source and how to add variety in feeling and mood in a single setting. I will also break down how cameras see light and share the techniques I use to manage available light perfectly. I will address the powerful relationship between light and mood, giving you a series of exercises which will help you discover your own preferences when it comes to light. I will shares how I work with light and execute my final vision for my images, breaking down my process into simple, easy to follow steps. Finally, I will show you how to troubleshoot in a variety of lighting situations. Join me and fall in love with the magic that can be found in everyday light.


  • How to observe and assess light
  • How to recognize and work with quality, directions, patterns and styles of light in a way that strengthens your vision
  • The important role camera technique has in managing light effectively
  • The power light has in conveying mood and emotion and how to tap into that power
  • Steps for assessing and managing light
  • Troubleshooting tips for managing various lighting situations such as directional light, low light, dramatic light, full sun, overcast light and golden hour light


  • A beautiful and detailed PDF filled with information and instruction on how to discover the magic in everyday light
  • Exercises and tip sheets on finding and using the magic in light in a way that elevates your photography
  • Troubleshooting tip sheets for creating and managing specific lighting situations
  • A shooting video that shows how Gina uses light in an indoor and outdoor setting
  • Editing videos that will show you techniques and tips Gina uses to enhance her images
  • An inspirational BONUS PDF that provides suggestions on how you can infuse your heart into your images
  • Q&A Video