Viewpoints: Kananaskis says, "Good Morning".

I’m thrilled and honoured to have been invited to join a landscape blog circle.  The circle runs each month and is titled: Viewpoints.  For my first instalment I’m sharing my viewpoint of a few of my favourite mountains in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. 

My family and I welcomed in the New Year with a trip out to the Nakiska Resort Area.  During the day we packed in winter activities like skiing and a little winter hiking.  The evenings were filled with skating, family games and snuggling up by the warmth of the fireplace.  Even though the trip was family focused I was able to slip away and catch a couple of sunrises.  It was cold, very cold.  My vehicle thermometer told me it was -20C without wind chill.  That’s -4F translated for my American friends.  I bundled up and headed out to an easily accessible location where I was able to stay close to the warmth of my vehicle and still take in beauty of the sunrise.  Here are a few of my captures. 

This image was captured just as blue hour was ending and the morning alpenglow began to kiss the very tip of the mountains northwest of Highway 40 at the Nakiska Resort exit.  

Meanwhile just before sunrise on the other side of the highway it was a little more foggy as I was able to get closer to the river.  

I jumped back into my vehicle pretty quickly and about twenty minutes later the morning sunrise began to fade into the day.   

The next morning was just as cold but on this day I chose to focus on Mount Kidd.  It was a clear morning and I could have done with a few clouds but the strong morning alpenglow was still captivating along with that little slice of lingering moon.  

Well that's all for now.  A piece of my heart lives amoung these mountains and I look forward to going back, very soon.  

Thanks for stopping in!  Please continue the circle for more beautiful landscapes by visiting my talented friend Addie Sheahin.