Viewpoints: A date with Mount Rundle

It’s time for my second contribution to Viewpoints a landscape blog circle with incredibly talented photographers.   This month I am able to share a little piece of the gorgeous mountains surrounding Banff, Alberta, Canada. I wish I could have spent more time there but my trip was quick this time.  My son had a hockey tournament over the weekend.  Between games I was able to go for a drive out to Lake Minnewanka and at sunset fit in a quick date with Mount Rundle out on Vermillion Lakes.  These viewpoints took some effort to get to but were well worth it!  I wasn’t able to move around as much as I’d have liked, next time I will bring crampons, but nonetheless the views are still breathtaking!

My view of frozen Lake Minnewanka.  

Sunset in full colour on Vermillion Lakes with a view of Mount Rundle. 

Sunset as it faded away.  

Blue hour.  

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